The Technet Professional warranty offers a limited repair guarantee for a duration of 36 months or 36,000 miles, which is valid nationwide.

By whom is this Warranty made for Limited Repairs?

This warranty for limited repairs is only applicable to the original purchaser of the vehicle, and not to any subsequent owners. The warranty is provided by the Independent Service Facility, which is identified on the original repair invoice and conducted the necessary service on the vehicle. The warranty can be utilized at any participating Facility or authorized facility throughout the United States and Canada. Neither Sonsio Management, Inc. nor TechNet, their affiliates, subsidiaries, or employees are responsible for this warranty. Sonsio Management, Inc. serves as the administrator of the warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

This Warranty covers the following types of repairs and services:

  • A. Air conditioning, heating, and climate control systems.
  • B. Brake system(s).
  • C. Clutches (clutch component or assembly repair and replacement).
  • D. Electrical system(s).
  • E. Emission control system(s).
  • F. Engine cooling system(s).
  • G. Electronic engine management system and other on-board computer systems (engine,
  • body, brake and suspension computers), cruise control systems.
  • H. Engine performance or drivability services and repair.
  • I. Exhaust system(s).
  • J. Fuel system(s).
  • K. Ignition system(s).
  • L. Starting and charging systems.
  • M. Steering/suspension systems, wheel bearings, CV joints, half-shafts and driveshafts.
  • N. Hybrid drive battery replacements.

The Independent Repair Facility provides a warranty for the repairs and services conducted at their premises. The warranty covers any defects in materials for 36 months or 36,000 miles and workmanship for 24 months or 24,000 miles, starting from the date of the initial repair and the mileage recorded on the original invoice. However, this warranty only applies if the vehicle is used normally and receives proper maintenance during the warranty period. The cost of any repairs covered by this warranty will not exceed the cost of the original repair or service. In case of any defect in materials or workmanship within the warranty period, the Facility may either provide free remedial service, replace the faulty parts at no cost, or refund the total charge for the repair, minus any previous refunds or credits.


When a buyer purchases covered products or services, they are entitled to have warranty repairs performed during the warranty period. If the vehicle is in the shop for warranty repairs, the warranty period will be extended for the number of days it was out of the buyer’s possession. The warranty will remain in effect until the defect has been fixed, even if that extends beyond the original warranty period. If the warranty repairs are delayed due to circumstances beyond the buyer’s control or if the repairs fail to remedy the defect and the buyer reports this within 60 days, the warranty period will be extended. If, despite multiple attempts to fix the defect, it remains unresolved, the buyer can either receive replacement parts or a refund (with a deduction for usage). However, these extensions do not affect the buyer’s rights and protections under the law.


To avail of the Warranty service, it is necessary to retain a copy of the original repair invoice and provide it when seeking service. In case the Warranty work is carried out, the possession of the original repair invoice or a readable copy of the same needs to be temporarily given up. If it is possible to go back to the original service Facility, the vehicle must be returned to the same Facility, and the copy of the original repair invoice must be presented there.


If you request any additional services not covered by the warranty while the warranty service is being performed, you will be responsible for paying for those services. The warranty will not apply if your vehicle has been damaged due to abnormal use, neglect, misuse, alteration, or tampering. Normal wear and tear is also not covered. The employees and agents of the facility cannot change the terms of the warranty or make additional promises. The warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damages that may result from faulty repairs or services. However, this exclusion may not apply in some states. The warranty provides specific rights, but there may be other rights that vary from state to state.


The warranty only applies to the repair or replacement items that are specifically listed in the “What is Covered by this Warranty” section. Any other services offered by the facility are not covered. The warranty does not cover repairs that require the engine to be removed or involve replacing or removing internally lubricated parts.

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